Monday, June 22, 2015

The abandoned cherry tree

I am so excited! A new story poped into my head! I was climbing my cherry tree picking some cherry's when I suddenly imagined a boy. He had short ruffly brown hair and hazel eyes. His name is Terrance. He lived on a farm. His family grew wheat for a living, but lived with little money. His family is jealous of the other farms who make very good money with apples and grapes and berry's. One day, Terrance is wandering in the woods and discovers a cherry tree. He fills his pockets and stomach with them. But one day his selfish older brother, Jackie, discovers cherry hidden all over Terrance's room. He shows it to his parents and they hunt down the tree and chop it until they have every cherry. They make good money but Terrence is very upset. Why? You'll find out what happens next after I actually wright the book!

Wish me luck! ; ]


My name is Freija Stone, and I have a dream. My dream is to someday tell stories that will change peoples point of view in life: I want to be an author. Almost every day a new story pops into my mind. I have decided that every time that happens I will record it on my blog.
Enjoy! ; ]